Do you have a habit of setting up and taking wonderful photos whether it is of scenery, nature, family or everyday scenes and then just letting them languish for eternity on your memory card that is depressingly full of these types of photos? The reason that we love to take photos is that we want to capture memories and scenes so that we can look back on them afterwards so if you’re this type of person then it is time to get your photos off of the memory card and into something tangible that people can see!

With digital photography and photo manipulating programmes, we can really enhance and make the most of our photos (we’re not talking about Kardashian type photo shopping though, more like removing redeye!) so it really is a pity if you leave the image forever to be looked at on a screen. By that same token though, we can understand that you don’t want to print out an image only to shut it up in a photo album forever. So be choosy with your images that you want to print and think about how you would like to display them. Forget the photo albums and read on for some fun ideas.

These days you can pretty much get your image printed into anything thanks to sites like Vistaprint, so why not use it to decorate something that you can use every day. We’re talking things like mugs, key-rings, coasters even tea-towels. These kinds of items also make great if slightly cheesy presents and are sure to be well-received thanks to the thought that went into them and the fact that they really are personalised. Plus as a bonus this type of gift can be pretty economical too especially if you make the most of an online deal like with Vistaprint coupons. With a selection of items to choose from, create something really meaningful.

You can always use of your pictures to make an eye-catching piece of artwork for your walls, and at the moment canvas prints are in vogue which is really handy considering they cost a lot less than professional printing and framing does. Light with a far lower chance of breaking than a more traditional framed print, canvas prints look modern and chic and work for pretty much any home. With a range of sizes and effects to choose from, you can easily enhance your home décor whilst showing off your photography skills at the same time.

And finally, why not get some of your photos printed up as postcard that you can either display or use as you like. Not only will it make your letter writing that bit more personal, but postcards are a great way to create a fun collage on a wall say over a desk for example. Especially with multi-buy deals, you can use this as a cheap yet effective way to show off your photos. Often your local printing shop and websites have great deals for this, so check them out!